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Karin Weekes

Lead Editor
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Karin is Lead Editor for BioWare’s three studios. She has worked at BioWare since 2006, editing Dragon Age: Inquisition, Mass Effect 3 Dragon Age II, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age: Origins and various DLCs for the Mass Effect and Dragon Age franchises. Karin holds an M.A. in Journalism from Stanford University, where she learned that she liked editing and writing punny headlines much more than interviewing story sources, and a B.A. in Communication from the University of New Mexico. When not working, Karin sings, costumes anyone who will hold still long enough to be measured, and enjoys any chance to be outside to run, ski, or flop exhaustedly under a tree. She lives in Edmonton, AB, Canada with her husband, Patrick, their two school-age sons, who regularly hand their mother her a$$ in various platformer and DS games, and a host of rescued dogs and cats.