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Patrick Weekes

EA BioWare
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Patrick joined BioWare’s writing team in 2005. Since then, he’s worked on all three games in the Mass Effect trilogy, where he helped write characters including Mordin, Tali, and Samantha Traynor, (along with krogan poets, hanar Spectres, and foul-mouthed asari matriarchs). After moving to the Dragon Age team for Dragon Age: Inquisition, Patrick wrote characters including Cole, Solas, and the Iron Bull, and locations like that part of the Fade with all the spiders, and has moved into the Lead Writer role as the franchise moves forward. Patrick also writes outside the video-game medium. His publications include the Rogues of the Republic series of fantasy heist-capers (The Palace Job, The Prophecy Con, and later this year, The Paladin Caper), as well as Dragon Age: Masked Empire. He holds a B.A. and an M.A. in English Literature from Stanford University, which often manifests in his work as inappropriate poetry or song lyrics. Patrick lives in Edmonton with his wife, Karin, his two Lego-and-video-game-obsessed sons, and a significant number of rescued animals.